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The National Association of Funeral Directors

In 1898 a group of enthusiastic funeral directors set up the British Institute of Undertakers to ‘raise the status of the profession’. While this organisation ceased to exist in 1901, local associations remained active and, in 1905, the British Undertakers Association was founded. The Association adopted a new constitution in 1905, when it also changed its name to the National Association of Funeral Directors.

The NAFD is an independent organisation tasked with representing the interests of funeral directors throughout the UK. As the funeral industry’s longest established Trade Association and widely acknowledged as the ‘voice of the profession’, the NAFD drives the debate on key issues and strives for the very highest standards of service.

The National Association of Funeral Directors demands high professional standards so, in order to be accepted into membership, funeral firms are assessed against strict criteria. Members of the NAFD are then required to abide by a stringent Code of Practice and are monitored regularly to ensure a high quality of service is maintained.

NAFD Code of Practice

As a condition of membership of the National Association of Funeral Directors, category A (funeral directing) members of the Association agree to comply with the principles and details of this Code of Practice.

  1. 1) To observe strictly the confidence of every client at all times.

  2. 2) To observe at all times the basic rights of clients as consumers.

  3. 3) To render good service at all times and make fair charges in respect of services rendered and for merchandise supplied.

  4. 4) To ensure that advertising and marketing is always in good taste. No sensational, offensive or misleading advertising or marketing is permitted.

  5. 5) To provide clients with full and fair information about services. To have readily available price lists covering The Simple Funeral Service and all other constituent parts of both professional services and funeral merchandise.

  6. 6) To display the price lists detailed in (5) above in the public area of all funeral premises.

  7. 7) To give a written estimate of charges and disbursements to be paid on a client's behalf, together with a written confirmation of funeral arrangements. No contractual agreement is entered into until these documents are accepted by the client.

  8. 8) To provide the client with an itemised account in a form readily comparable with the estimate.

  9. 9) To refrain from soliciting funeral orders, or offering, or giving any reward for recommendation to persons or organisations such as Health Service establishments, Nursing Homes, Coroners' Offices, etc.

  10. 10) To display to the general public the logos of the NAFD and the Funeral Arbitration Scheme, and to have copies of the Code of Practice and Funeral Arbitration Scheme leaflets on displ

  11. 11) To co-operate at all times with Trading Standards Offices, Citizens Advice Bureaux, consumer support groups and any other organisation representing clients in the resolution of complaints or disputes.

  12. 12) To partake in, and abide by, the decision of the conciliation, independent arbitration and Disciplinary Committee procedures of the Association in the resolution of any complaints or disputes between client and funeral director.

The Simple Funeral Service

The Simple Funeral Service includes, and is limited to, the following services and merchandise:

  1. a) The funeral director's professional services

  2. b) Attendance to the necessary arrangements

  3. c) Provision of the necessary staff

  4. d) Provision of a simple coffin suitable for cremation or burial

  5. e) Transfer of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home within normal working hours (Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm) and within a radius of 5 miles of the funeral home

  6. f) Care of the deceased for up to 14 days prior to the funeral

  7. g) Provision of a hearse for transportation of the deceased directly to a crematorium or cemetery within a radius of 5 miles of the funeral home

  8. h) The following services and items are specifically excluded from the Simple Funeral Service: embalming; viewing of the deceased; provision of a limousine; any fees of disbursements payable on the client's behalf.

The Funeral Arbitration Scheme

The Funeral Arbitration Scheme is an independent conciliation and arbitration scheme designed to help funeral directors who are members of the NAFD to resolve complaints.

It provides a simple process in three, easy to follow stages, through the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, which is an independent organisation offering conciliation and arbitration for the purpose of resolving disputes.

As a condition of membership of the National Association of Funeral Directors, Funeral Director businesses are not only bound by the terms of the Association’s Code of Practice, but Funeral Directors are also required to comply with a client’s wishes to proceed to conciliation or arbitration under the Scheme and to abide by its rulings.

Contacting the NAFD

Any correspondence with the Association should be addressed to:

National Association of Funeral Directors
618 Warwick Road
West Midlands
B91 1AA

Telephone: 0845 230 1343