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Volkswagon Camper Funerals

VW camper Van hearse

For those who perhaps seek an alternative approach to the more traditional funeral transport, we are pleased to be able to offer a unique Volkswagon Campervan Funeral Service.
Whether your loved one was a camping enthusiast, a keen caravaner or festival go-er, a VW aficianado or just a lover of the quirky, the VW Camper hearse is certainly different.

Silver VW Camper hearse

Flowers in VWThe hearses - Leichenwagon in German - are custom-made funeral vehicles, not conversions, so are able to handle all sizes of coffin with adequate space for floral tributes as you would expect.
The campers can be decorated too, with a selection of magnetic designs (such as flowers).

Hearse VWThe VW Campers may be the perfect addition to a Green Funeral or for anyone with fond memories of the flower-power era.

Please contact Paul Williams Independent Funeral Directors on 0161 796 6018 for further information about this unique service.