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When someone dies somebody has to deal with their estate (money, possessions and property left) by collecting all the money, paying debts and distributing what remains to those who are entitled to it.

Probate is the court's authority; given to a person or persons to administer the deceased's estate and the document issued is called the Grant of Representation. This document is usually required by the asset holders as proof to show the correct person or persons have the probate services authority to administer the deceased persons estate.

The probate service deals with 'non-contentious' probate business and issues Grants of Representation, either:

  1. Probate (when a deceased person hads left a valid will and an executor is acting)

  2. Letters of administration with a will (when a person has left a valid will but no executor is acting)

  3. Letters of administration (usually when there is no valid will)

These grants appoint people known as personal representatives to administer the deceased persons estate.

For further information on this you may want to look at the Probate Service website.