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Specialist Services: Vault Burial

Paul Williams Independent Funeral Directors is a company with extensive experience in assisting families who wish to select burial in a protective vault. Our team are highly experienced in dealing with the procedures and legislation involved in the purchase and construction of burial vaults, and in working closely with cemetery authorities, construction companies and stonemasons. We have worked on such projects in many cemeteries and churchyards in the Manchester area, across the North of England and throughout the United Kingdom.

Vault burial is defined as the placement of human remains in a protective structure of brick, stone or concrete, within a grave plot, which affords protection of the coffin or casket from the strenuous physical forces associated with burial in the earth, from the entry of water and soil, and prevents movement and disturbance of the ground after the burial has taken place.

Vault burial is especially popular amongst the Italian and Southern European communities that we serve in our local area. The practice of burial in a protective vault, as opposed to burial directly into the soil, is reminiscent of the methods used in Southern Europe, in which the coffin is buried in a mausoleum-type structure above ground.

In keeping with the protection and security that is provided by choosing burial in a vault, we are also able to provide a range of hermetically-sealing caskets, constructed from a range of protective metals, and semi-precious materials such as copper and bronze. Additionally, our range of coffins can be fitted with a sealed zinc lining, affording additional protection. The choice of a hermetically-sealing casket or a zinc-lined coffin would be particularly appropriate for families selecting vault burial. Click here for further information about our collection of coffins and caskets.

If you would like to discuss the purchase or construction of a burial vault, or if you would like any advice or a no-obligation quotation, please contact Paul Williams Independent Funeral Directors on 0161 796 6018, or visit us at our funeral home in Whitefield, Manchester.