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The Traditional Collection

The Worcester Coffin

photo of a Manchester nFunerals Coffin

An example of a light Oak or Elm veneer.

The Gloucester Coffin

photo of Manchester Funeral Directors Coffins

An example of a dark oak veneer with raised lid and ring handles.

The Auckland Coffin

Manchester Undertakers

An example of a mahogany veneer with panel sides and bar handles.

The Keswick Coffin

Coffins for funerals in Prestwich

An example of a 'Pippy Oak' veneer. A darker version finished with a Golden Maple veneer is also available.

The Canterbury Casket

Solid Mahognay Traditional Casket

The Westminster Casket

Solid Oak Traditional Casket

The Salisbury Coffin

Solid Mahogany Traditional Coffin

The Winchester Coffin

Solid Oak Traditional Coffin

The Last Supper Coffin

Photo of the last supper